Pet Grooming & Boarding
Will my dog be alone or interacting with others if I board him? It's up to you the default is that we let them play together unless there's an issue.
Do I have to make an appointment? We accept walk in's for nail trims but for grooms you must have an appointment.
How often should I get my dog groomed? About every four to six weeks, you can go a bit longer for short haired dogs if you brush them regularly.
How long does a groom take?  Two to three hours for small to medium sized dogs - a bit longer for bigger or messier ones.
What is your cancellation policy? 24 hour notice
Can I stay with my pet during the grooming? No, pets are calmer when the owner isn't there.
Does my dog need to be fully vacinated? Yes, please bring a copy that we may keep of your pets vaccination records on your first visit.